Saturday, March 13, 2010

hi we're dan and shan

we're dan and shannon and we live in ferndale, michigan. it's a tiny town located on the north border of detroit. we like living here and we decided it would be real fun to eat at every local, independently owned restaurant in town. there's lots of odd restaurants here and we're gonna eat at all of them -- good and bad. . . and then we're gonna write about.

dan has lived in ferndale for 8 years. dan grew up in the detroit area. he has a culinary arts background and loves food. he has worked in all aspects of the restaurant industry for 15 years and knows good food when he sees it. he likes motorcycles, dogs, star wars, tattoos, cheese, halloween, cooking, rock and roll, wine, whiskey, michigan beers, camping, elvis, belt buckles, sarcasm, coffee and road trips.

shannon has lived in ferndale for a year and a few months. she moved here from san francisco and decided ferndale was a little town that felt the most like her beloved s.f. shannon owns a small herbal body product and organic tea company called featherheart trading company. she likes herbs, dogs, gardens, books about aliens and 2012, nature walks, vintage clothing, thrifting, estate sales, cooking, digging in dirt, lake michigan, up north, eating out, nag champa, records, the 70s, summer, trash tv, the moon, the sun, organic farming, recycled toilet paper, boots, tea and lots of other stuff.

dan and shannon met in ferndale at the loving touch, a local bar and pool hall. shannon didn't think much about dan at first, but he somehow won her heart. join them on their eating adventure. oh and by the way, dan and shan are not a big fan of yelp and the way that people say mean and nasty things about businesses on yelp. they pledge that even if they have a bad meal, they're not gonna badmouth anyone...unless it's absolutely necessary!

bye for now